His Heart's Desire Room- Corner 3 -

Partnering with God


In Corner 3 of His Heart's Desire Room, God asks us to go one step beyond friendship and into partnership.  He matures our friendship by giving it purpose--a goal, a destination, something to work for together. 


He wants to build with us.  He wants to trust us.  He wants us to build with and trust other people!  God's vision for us is to heal us and then partner with us to bring in His Kingdom.  The greatest purposes of His heart takes us walking in revelatory and fruitful relationship with Him and others!

It's a tough call, especially if others have let you down in life.  Many of the other rooms in this Yellow House will take you through this healing journey if it has been a hard point in your life.  But in this corner, Jesus tips our chin up and tells us to start hoping in faith... Hope in Him!  Hope in Others!  Hope in His Divine Plans for the things He's carrying in His heart! 

Jesus calls us to hope in the ones who are hardest to hope in.  He hoped in Peter who let Him down in many ways and had very little in the world's eyes to offer a globe in need of salvation, power, love, and the big gifts of the Kingdom.  Yet Jesus partnered with him.  He invested in him.  This is because He knew what was in him and the original design He had created in his soul.  Jesus knows this about you too.  And He knows it about His other children.  He asks us to have enough faith to see others with His perspective and love them well.

When we have seen and experienced true relationship with Him, we have respect for how He's doing this with others.  He has a plan for everything.  He asks us to choose and believe in His promises and plans even while we're broken and can't see how we could possibly ever do it.  No-one great in the Bible ever thought in their own minds that they could do what God asked them to do.  And yet they did.  This is our story too.

Practical Application

Get your Hope-er going!  Ask God to give you the right questions to ask about yourself, your family, and friends, and then listen to His Heart of Hope for them.  Try things like, "What do you like about me/them?"  "What is your song over them?" "What have you designed me/them to do?"  



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