His Heart's Desire Room- Corner 2-

Friendship with God

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In Corner #2 of His Heart's Desire Room, you discover that His Heart's Desire is that we would spend time with Him like a friend.  

In this corner we listen to God's Heart. The greatest act of love is to listen to someone's heart.  God's greatest Heart's Desire is that His children go with Him on a personal journey of intimacy and relationship where we can see His eyes and hear His heart.  That is what He sent His Beloved Son to earth in order to do--to make this possible.  He didn't die to make us good.  He died to make us friends.  And family! First with Him, then with the Body of Christ through time and across the globe!


In this corner we learn to love to spend time with God as our friend. Abraham was a "friend of God," and God Himself called Abraham His friend.  That is probably the greatest label God our Father could ever give us.  What made Abraham His friend?  That He cared for God's heart.  He listened, talked, and walked with God so that he could know what to do.

Moses was also a friend of God.  He wouldn't go anywhere without God's presence, not even the greatest land every promised to Israel.  He wanted to created a place where God would dwell and pervade all the parts of society, the Law, the culture, the interpersonal relationships... all of it!  He wanted an impartation of His loving friendship into everything He could touch!  Moses partnered with God to bring this forth after spending time on the mountain and becoming His friend.  His friendship with God was so close that his face glowed... Let us carry His heart and seek this glory too!

Practical Application

Pray to be a “Carrier of His Heart” and care about what He cares about.  This is a great first step toward becoming friends of God.



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 


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