His Heart's Desire Room

Corner 1 -

His Heart's Desire is Me

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Jesus takes you into His Heart's Desire Room. In Corner #1, you discover that "His heart's desire is me."

God shows you a chair in this corner, and you see someone is sitting in it.  Jesus is delighting over this person so much.  Then you see that that person is you. 
Jesus then tells you that someone isn't being nice to you.  As He describes the mean things that are happening to you, you realize the person He's describing as being mean to you... is you.  Jesus is talking about how you treat you.

He has come to interrupt this. Will you let Him?

Join Bob on the beginning of this Yellow House journey, starting with his story about the chair and God encountering him here: 





Practical Application


Imagine yourself in that chair and Jesus delighting over you!  Ask the Lord to tell you 3 things about you that He delights in.​



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 

Dreams and Encounters

Each month has a different face of God we behold to become Hopeful Reformers.

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Wonderful enlightening stories help us internalize what God wants to teach us. 

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