John Wimber and the Angel

A long time ago, I met with John Wimber at the Vineyard.  The youth of Kansas City were challenging me, and I complained to John that they were disappointing to me.  I was kidding around, but it was deep in me.  John replied, "They're all beautiful."

That night, the Lord visited me and angel wrote in the sky, "The beauty, the wonder, the dignity of a human being created in My sight." You impressed upon me, "If you can't help them, don't hurt them. In kindness, proclaim truth."

Basketball with Jesus 

The Lord had been moving on the children and youth with high level revelations and encounters at Metro.   I was returning home with some kids in the car and when we came up to the house the kids saw someone playing basketball in our driveway.  As we stopped they said, “It’s Jesus shooting baskets."   I realized that the Lord was outside with the kids playing basketball with playfulness, in heart to heart connection with them.


I joined them and felt free, like there was no place I had to be.  He was celebrating us, our lives.  He was a playful God, as He had originally been in the Garden of Eden wanting it to be a wonderful, playful, celebration of life. Even work was to have been playful.   We laughed together as Jesus stole the ball from us.  We bantered back and forth in fun appreciation--not harsh!  Just the Lord having fun with us, wanting to be with us as the sun set.   I wanted to stay there forever.