Be You Room


The Kibbutz Boy

I lived in a kibbutz for awhile, which was a human development center.  I used to walk by this park, and one time there was a six-year old boy there with three men sitting on this park bench.  They were looking at this six-year-old boy and started to describe him. The beauty, wonder, and insight they had into his nature was so striking- I couldn’t tell who the father was. I got into a conversation with them afterwards. They said, “We don’t define the child. We discover the child. Then, we bless those attributes." They were unwrapping the beautiful present of a human being and how he had been designed, to see the wonder of what God created in this unique gift. 

The Woman from Bolivar
I knew a woman from Bolivar.  She was a little woman in her eighties.  I had been a wrestler and guys were not happy with me and called me all kinds of names when I gave my life to the Lord.  They thought I was a fake and a fraud, and I was losing a sense of my identity.  I took on their accusations and was getting angry.  One day I told the Bolivar woman about all these accusations and instead of answering them, she just looked far off.  She started to call me, “Little Bobby Hartley.”  She didn’t know that nickname was what the people from my old neighborhood who had loved me had called me.  She saw my Original Design.  She called out who I was. It was settled, and I walked out different.