The VA Tech Man 

Around eight years ago, I was in a McDonalds. The father was holding up a Romans 7 mirror to his son, telling him how bad he was.  It was hurtful, and the son responded with a rage that was dangerous. I walked over to the table. It was making the whole McDonalds uncomfortable. I just felt the heart of God for that man.  


I held up the Romans 8 mirror and said, “Listen, you’re beautiful.” I thought, there is something dangerous happening to this young man. I appealed to the beauty of this young man. There was something where he was stuck in that rage. I prayed that he might have a mirror in front of him that might see what God sees. It was beautiful in the moment. But, you can tell when truth lands and I didn't see it.  


A couple days after that, I had been around Virginia Tech. I saw this young man on TV with a Virginia Tech shirt. I said, “Turn it up! That’s the young man I met at McDonalds.” He had slaughtered a lot of his classmates. I knew that Romans 7 mirror hadn’t broken in his life. That false image and appearance, he didn’t shake it. I committed myself to bring the Romans 8 mirror to his family. I have fought for that family.  

VT massacre.jpg

The 2018 Wave 

Many of you will run into someone like the VA Tech man who will have that kind of rage.  You will have the power to hold up that Romans 8 mirror.  So, the Lord spoke to me in 2018 and said, “Wave. Wave at more people.” I have waved with delight, honor, kindness, humor, and fun. It has been remarkable what a wave does, and the conversations that open up when somebody really feels seen.  


2018 wave.jpg