Hope for Nineveh

One year we are in Zimbabwe, and everything falls apart.  Tragedies everywhere, and we leave.  Devastation hits me, yet I start having dreams of how God will restore Zimbabwe--how new zeal will come forth, etc.  I don't believe it.  God tells me, "Well...tell Nineveh it doesn't work to believe on me."  I begin to look at cities and nations a whole different way.   


The St. Catherine's Story

I grew up in a neighborhood, St. Catherine's Gardens, where there were hundreds of kids and a lot of diversity.  There was an unwritten code of care for each of the children's protection in the neighborhood: I would walk the streets and dream of places where different ethnic groups were invited in and loved and appreciated for who they are.  I would dream that neighborhoods like this would be all over the world.   


I would walk from St. Catherine's Gardens and in my own ramblings as a little boy, I asked God to create an area that loved Him well and a community where people share and care for one another to come forward with simplicity.   Now, 35 years later, this is where the House of Prayer has been planted--a happy little place which prays 24 hours a day and seeks God.  I take it as a private victory that this poor man cried, and God delivered him from all of his fears - put his feet upon a rock and created a community and an area for his children and wife to wake up in.  Now thousands of people come and buy homes here, and people love God well and care for each other.  I saw hope in an area become established. 

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