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John 8: Eyeglasses that See His Original Design

:The Lord last night was joyful and fun. He was challenging me, “Are you ready to see this?” I said, “Absolutely.” He said, “I don’t think you are.” I said, “I am your son. I am ready to see it.” I found out I was not as ready to see it as I thought.

I was taken to the place where the woman was caught in adultery, in John 8.  I lost my breath as He walked me up to this scene where the rocks were ready to stone her.  Yet, as we walked, He was so delighted. He said to me, “Son, did you know there is a fish at the bottom of the ocean who sees in 32 different primary colors? (We only see in three primary colors).  He paused. Then, He said, “When you see other human beings, I want to open up those other colors.”


I was fascinated. He showed me how I saw people. I saw them as only one-dimensional. I saw only a very small part of them, but He saw the full 100%.  He wanted my golden senses to come alive.  He wanted to open my eyes.  He wanted me to see the honor, nobility, and dignity of a human being...  including Him!  He said, “You know only 1% of Me that I want you to know in this lifetime.”  I want to live in the fascination of Him and to grow in the knowledge of Him.


As we came up on the adulterous woman, He talked about the silver sword of graceful lips that would cut off what the enemy had tried to do to disfigure that person.

See what they spew from their mouths—the words from their lips are sharp as swords, and they think, “Who can hear us?”

-Psalm 59:7


He told me there is a silver sword of graceful hope that comes from our mouths that combats the evil sword of the enemy. As you start to speak grace and honor for a person, and you don’t come with the lens of analysis of criticism or fear, you fight the curses and abuse over them.  There is a natural appreciation that goes to another level and we suddenly see the diversity of the beauty and wonder of a human being.  Why He had died for the one.

He took me into this place where they were ready to stone her. I suddenly felt the anger of the Pharisees. It was very much like a time I was in Israel and faced that anger while getting into a bus.  We  had had to flee Zimbabwe quickly because there were threats on our lives, and the government had told us to leave.  So we left but we had no money.  We couldn't even pay for a taxi.  It was a terrifying time. I was trying not to be scared, but I was so stressed.  Just looking for a little kindness.  I was walking down the street with these two heavy bags of clothes, pulling them.  They were so hard to pull and when I looked back, there were sparks flying because I had the wheels on the wrong way. I then tried to bring these bags onto a bus, and the people on it were very angry with me.  I was a non-person in this country.  A senior member tried to get me thrown off the bus. 


I felt that same kind of feeling in God with the Pharisees grouped around this woman. She was caught in adultery. Jesus opened up my vision so I saw the Pharisees' vision of her. In their minds, she looked  shriveled up, old, and evil, like she was going to destroy their world. She had claws and weapons. Her eyes looked like she wanted to kill them.


Then, He opened up my eyes in the natural to how you and I would see her. She was a very scared young woman, and embarrassed. She had her face covered with shame. She was trembling. She was too young to understand everything that was going on. She was confused and wondering, “How can I make it in life?”


Then He opened His eyesight of her. I couldn’t get it together. I had never seen anyone so beautiful. I had never seen someone with more beautiful, pure eyes, and the kindness in her. I saw her calling as a healer to ones who had been in a similar position. She had the gift of healing for lepers, outcasts, and others. She had a gift of compassion and empathy that never had the chance to surface. She had a sense of humor and joy. I even saw her dancing, and I had never seen anyone dance like that. She was like a ballroom dancer sliding across the stage.


All of this was going on in His light. He turns, and He writes in the sand what He is seeing about her. He writes, “Most beautiful one...” He calls her her name that was her fond nickname when she was a child--a beautiful name that they had named her that meant "compassionate one." 


Jesus begins to unveil the beauty of her and the miracle-working grace of her. She was a mother with nobility. He was writing her Original Design.


The Pharisees were stunned, but they didn’t drop their stones. So He wrote in the sand some more.  Some say that He wrote the Pharisees' sins. He wouldn’t have done that because they were too proud. They would have stoned him, thinking, “Who are you?”


The second thing He wrote was their Original Design.  I was seeing them according to the natural. But then Jesus showed me how they were brought up. I saw when the hurts and misunderstandings came in. I saw how one had been called to be a Benevolent One and had a heart of healing. He had picked up a little goat that had hurt itself, and had held it and nurtured it back to life.  The Lord took me through the journeys of each their lives, and the care of different ones. Nicodemus was there and different ones who gave their lives to Jesus. He wrote in the sand the second time, “Majestic ones...” He would name them. He’d call out, “Affectionate One” for how they had been affectionate. His words surfaced those private moments for that woman and others like her. That’s when they dropped their rocks and left. Nobody had seen their Original Design like that.

The Pharisees were taken aback. They were re-evaluating as Jesus wrote in the sand. It stunned them. The Lord said that there was a broken part in them, like an automobile, that allows that kind of perspective of hurt and wounds to come. Then they become like abusers.


But then He said, “I want you to deliver the abused and the abuser.” He took me to Paul. I got to see his true nature before the Lord, before he fell off the horse.  The Father was so prepared to go after his son that had made wrong mistakes and decisions. He said, “How could you be so unforgiving when you only have eighty short years with other human beings? That is not even enough time to know them enough to be so upset with them."  


I was so surprised the way He wrote to the Pharisees but He said, “I go after the abused and the abusers because I know the brokenness inside.”

People talk about "a diamond in the rough."  God has put gemstones inside people.  People have to be crowned by one another and have their hidden treasures recognized. It is one of those cover-your-back situations. People have to have honor, appreciation, and affection to come into the fullness of who they are. That is why it is very important not to speak negatively or to tear down.  He longed for me to be a crown-er. Everyone is given a beautiful and eternal crown. I was to crown others with honor, dignity, appreciation, and with their own nature


 The eyes of Jesus were given to people for others.  There will be those who help represent one another well. It is singing the song in your friend’s heart in front of those who are saying something that isn’t true about them.  We are going to see some who are asking different questions--I have had dreams of politicians who became vile suddenly beginning to ask, "Why did I get into this in the first place?” There is going to be Mr. Smith goes to Washington again. There will be beautiful ones with restored integrity. We have to always give people the chance while they are on the planet to be updated in who they are in God.

People are to be praised according to their Original Design. Instead of shame, He wants to give double honor. He is holding up the mirror and showing them who they are. He is going to show others who they are, and they are going to come out.