Be You Room


His Mirrors of Original Design


IThe mirrors in the Be You Room are the most powerful mirrors to ever be known on the earth - these mirrors empower us to see our Original Design the way God sees it. 


Before there was a Be You Room, the Lord brought me to it.  We were walking along a dusty road.  It was profound to see the sights and sounds.  The Lord said, "I am going to show you one of the greatest mysteries of all ages.  I want you to see Me hold up My right mirror to someone.  Watch what happens."


I didn't know He would start with me.  I said, “Okay.” As He held up a mirror to me, I got the briefest glimpse of what He saw when He saw me. I adored me. I was filled with joy and delight over myself. I couldn’t respond any other way. It was the summation of who I was and who I wasn’t.  I realized He adored me. Even in the midst of my struggles, He adored me. He had never been disappointed in me in my whole life. It took my breath away.


It was a total distinction between me getting a little bit better, versus me becoming a whole new creation and new species. I was a different order. All the particles in my body were so much lighter and alive. I didn’t realize that much, hope, love, authority, and power could come from a human being - and held with so much humility. He said, “I will send people who will adore you.”


There was a time I adored the Lord in the secret place, but I didn’t feel so adored. He said, “Because you adore me, I will give you those who adore you.”  Then He opened the door to the Be You Room.


He walked into the room with me. He said, “This is the Be You room.” As I looked around, my breath was taken away. He showed me good friends who were holding His mirrors up to each other. No person could have the Lord's mirror held up to them and withstand having their eyes fixed to it and believe it. It was too much for them to observe and absorb. They were human and splendid. We needed each other. And God needs us.  Jesus said, "Remember when I had three angels encourage me in the wilderness?"  He said, “I need you.” 


This is an opportunity to ask the Lord who we can hold His mirror up to, who can’t see it themselves.  It is going to be astonishing what He allows us to see about them. Once we touch His Original Design, everything changes forever.


Jesus had the Father's mirror held up to Him.  When He had the mirror held up to Him, He couldn’t breathe--it was too precious and His breath was literally taken away. He needed that, just like we do.  The Lord said, “I too was human. I cry too. I was lonely too. I needed My Father to hold up a mirror to Me and to others so I could see them the way He saw them.” He was appealing in such a tender place. He said, “If I hadn’t continually looked into my Father’s mirror to Me and those who believed in Me, I would have lost my way.”