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Corner 5-

New Kingdom Callings

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In Corner 5 of the Be You Room, God wants to take our Original Design which He has breathed into us and channel that into His purposes.  God is building a Kingdom, and there's a place for each one of us to develop a portion and Be Us. 


In 2014, God spoke to me and began to tell me how He was engineering a "new exodus" for God's people to come out of Egypt or "misery Christianity" and into the Promised Land or a Hope-Filled Reformation.  The Lord said, “I will release My people to leave the bondage and drudgery of religious agendas and traditions and the merely human expectations that require them all to just make brick after brick. I will commission them to go forth into all of life to worship Me in the beauty and wonder of the diversity I have created. They are to give back all their amazing gifts, talents, and daily works in the neighborhoods, streets, schools, and marketplaces as an acceptable offering to Me and I will then use them to glorify Me in all the earth.”

Afterwards, God began to show me His desire to give us each a Divine Blueprint and building plan.  He created us and has a unique calling on our lives.  Although there have been so many ways to categorize a human being--our personalities, our career matches, our spiritual giftings--He showed me a new way to look at His building plans.  He is the God of Diverse of Kingdom Callings and uses 10 Kingdom Callings to establish Glorious Cities for Him. 

#1 – The Worship Army / The Lydia’s (Acts 16:14)
They are the ones who change the atmosphere and bring the aroma of Christ into lives and situations (2 Corinthians 2:14-16) They are called to make the city a place of praise, worship, joy & thanksgiving.   

Bible Examples-  David, the worshiping shepherd and praising king.

#2 – The Compassion Army / The Boaz’s
These are called to bring the “simple worship” of love to the city. 
These are the Colossians 3 people who worship God continually in everything they do, and spread the knowledge of the God as they care.  Whatever they do, they do to “love Him back.”
Bible Examples- Cornelius, Job ~ Job 31:16-22 (NIV)

#3 – The Prayer & Presence Army / The Daniel’s
They are called to weep over the city and long for the dwelling of the Lord.  They are great lights in the midst of darkness, and live a deep life in God, full of the Spirit. They cultivate the Knowledge of God and return people to the Presence of God.  They take territory for the Kingdom of God by bringing change to the ethos.  
Bible Examples- Joshua – Ex 33:7-11 (NIV); Nehemiah, who wept over the city ~ Neh 1:4-5(NASB); David, who longed for the Lord to dwell (Psalms 132:1-5 NASB), and Daniel, who was a great light in the midst of great darkness and saw the Kingdom of God as more real than his earthly life. (Dan 2:46-49, 3:19-28, 4:34-35, 5:29, 6:25-27)

#4 – The Oasis Builders, Marketplace Redeemers / The Abraham’s
These have a marketplace calling and gifting, and are often loaded with ministry giftings as well.  They build the Kingdom of God where they are and have a revelation of the God of All of Life. They usher in the harvest “outside the camp.”  They have shepherd’s hearts who build spiritual oases, a "Tree of Life" or place of health, growth, and life to those in the city.  

Bible Examples-- Abraham, Boaz, Joseph.

#5 – The Craftsmen/ The Bezalel’s
They are driven by the motive to craft for Him, to give Him the very best.  They have a revelation of the Creator God and are filled with the Spirit.  The first instance of someone being “filled with the Spirit of God” was in the building of the Tabernacle of Moses, which was the center of the City where God dwelt.  

#6 – The Treasure-Bringers / The Cyrus’s – Isaiah 60:10-11
They line up to bring their best joyfully to Jesus, then run back as fast as they can to get more! They are called to bring resources to the city and are motivated by a revelation of the benevolent God. These are the ones who will bring in the wealth, and will initiate the greatest compassion/mercy deeds to the nations.  They are Spiritual Robin Hoods. Their greatest joy is plundering the wealth of the world for their Lord. They will love money, but be completely free from the spirit of mammon.  By necessity they are the humblest of men/women, free from a controlling spirit and glory-seeking.
Bible examples- David – abandoned giving (1 Chronicles 29:10-18), Cyrus (Isaiah 4:1-3)

#7 – The Cupbearers / The Mordecai’s
These are prophetic influencers: in the right place at the right time, with the right word. They are much bigger than their function.
Bible Examples- Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar publicly proclaimed the wisdom (Dan. 2:46 – 49) and power (Dan. 4:34-35) of God. Belshazzar acknowledged God (Dan 5:29). Darius proclaimed the Kingdom of God (Dan. 6:25-27). Cyrus sponsored the rebuilding of the Temple.

#8 – The Governors / The Joseph’s
They have gifts of government, leadership, and management.  They know how to use their God-appointed gifts of “administrations” (1 Cor. 12:28) to lead and guide the city. Their key is in the vision and the plan.  God the King is revealed through them as they make a city a place of justice, order, and peace.
Bible Examples- Daniel, Joseph, Moses, Jethro, Philip

#9 – The City Builders / The Joseph’s & Nehemiah’s
They build a place for God to dwell.  They are able to bring forth cities of refuge that can be governed with wisdom, understanding and counsel.  
Bible Examples- Joseph: He had a secret vision of a Godly nation coming forth fulfilling the promises.
David: He longed for a place where God would dwell.  Abraham: looking for city.

#10 – The Anointer’s / The Samuel’s
The Samuel’s will anoint kings. They are called to equip marketplace apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers; worship army, compassion army, prayer/presence army, etc.
Bible Examples- Samuel, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Simeon & Anna, Paul

Practical Application

Ask Jesus which of the capacities of the 10 Kingdom Callings you are currently operating in, and how. Then ask Him which of the ones He has given you which haven't been activated or widely acknowledge yet. 



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