The Be You Room

Corner 2-

Playfulness with God


In Corner 2 of the Be You Room, we learn to celebrate life to its fullest.  This means being playful with the One who made us.  By simply being ourselves, we experience freedom, joy, and laughter.  We meet the Playful God who loves to be with you and enjoy the gift that is your life.

In 1 Kings 18, Elijah was exhausted.  God sent the raven to bring Elijah food, and this allowed him to rest and recover.  In this Corner of the Be You Room, Jesus will bring you rest, recovery, and full restoration so you can have a Hopeful View of you!

In the last Corner, we talked about the broken mirrors which the accuser of the brethren puts in front of you so you will look at yourself in the wrong image.  Jesus has you look into the correct mirror which reflects how wonderful you really are to Him.  There are many things this mirror could correct:

  • They say you are a stressful person, but the mirror says you are mature and composed.

  • They say you are not loving, but the mirror says you are most affectionate.

  • They say you are unloved and unwanted but the mirror says you are wholly loved and desired.

  • They say you are ugly, the mirror says you are beautiful!

  • They say you have no purpose, but the mirror says you have destiny in Christ.

  • They say you will not rebound but the mirror says you will bounce back to a higher place than you were before. 

  • They say that you are not desired, and the mirror says “you are all I ever desired”.

  • They say that God is worn out with you, and the mirror says that God has just started with you.

  • They say you are boring and there isn’t much to you, and the mirror says you are full of wonders to be discovered.

  • They say you’ll be lonely, but the mirror says you’ll be nurtured and cared for all the days of your life.

  • They say you’ll never be understood, the mirror says that many will be in tune with who you are and love you.

  • They say you are less than what you think, but the mirror says you are far better than what you know…

There are many more things Jesus' mirror says!  We have put an amazing, long list in the "Journaling Questions" section below that you can use in your devotional time to ask Jesus what things He wants you to reimagine. 


Scripture tells us that in the midst of others rejecting you, there is what God says-- a "sound of noise from the city" – (Isaiah 66: 5-8).  


“There were brethren that hated you and then there was a sound of noise from the city and a child was delivered.

Who has heard such things – shall a nation be born at once?”

In order for us to know ourselves we need to know the Holy Spirit in our hearts is what enables us to bring forth a nation in a day.  Let the Be You Room open up the power of who you are!  You are called to be a New Creation, not just be morally better.

Practical Application


Here’s a fun activity for you in the Be You Room~Go on a "coffee date" with Jesus!  Or think about what you have fun doing, and ask Him to go with you.  Be playful with Jesus.  Involve Him in the activities that bring you joy.  Ask Him to help you be free with Him. 



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 

The Face of


Each month has a different face of God we behold to become Hopeful Reformers.


Wonderful enlightening stories help us internalize what God wants to teach us. 

Journaling Questions

A list of hopeful questions to aid your devotional time in this Corner.


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Scriptures and characters which illustrate the lessons.

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