The Joy Room-

Corner 3-

Joy With Others


In the previous Room, Love & Forgiveness, we began to push into appreciation and blessing for others.  The goal was to forgive others for how they'd hurt us but then realize that God's ideal was for divine partnerships and community to bless us and bring His Heart forth. 


This Corner of the Joy Room is where you realize that God has designed those who will carry your heart, and you will carry their hearts also.  



Some people think it's a burden to partner with people, but it is really such a joy!  Entering into that joy aligns us with God because the Father chooses to partner with us all the time.  He's a marvelous comrade for us, and so we get to be for one another. 

“Marvelous Comrades” are those who will fight for one another.  Marvelous Comraderie is beyond being “Commiserate Friends”.  The Covenant of Brotherhood (Amos 1:9) is to be restored.  Marvelous Comraderie is born out of loyalty, affection, belief, in each other. We have to have love for each other.  Marvelous Comrades have an “all for one and one for all” attitude.  This does not mean we are in agreement on everything, but that there is a love and joy that is greater for each other and for the cause of Jesus being loved in the city and nations. 

For example in Daniel 2:17-18, Daniel is in trouble. If God doesn’t do a miracle, he is dead, so he goes to his Marvelous Comrades:  


17 – At this, Daniel went in to the king and asked for time, so that he might interpret the dream for him.  Daniel then returned to his house and explained the matter to his friends Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. 18 – Daniel urged his friends to plead for mercy from the God of heaven concerning this mystery, so that he and his friends might not be executed with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.

These men had loyalty to Daniel, and they prayed with him so they wouldn't be destroyed.  Then Daniel shows loyalty to a king who was evil! Wow!  Esther 4 similarly has people pray for her and with her.  Job 42 prays for his friends so they are restored.  Galatians 6 says to bear each others burdens.  True friends pray together. They fight for one another if one gets hit and maintain joyful partnership. 


If marketplace people will begin to pray together, they will win together.  Marketplace men and women are called to be tilted back up as Partners (2 Corinthians 7:3).  There are many who have legitimate callings in the marketplace who are to build cities that love God well and to bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplace.  As God's Hope Reformers, we get to validate people's callings and equip them for their fruitful love expressions unto God in all of life. 

It takes faith to enter the blessing of partnership, and the joy it brings.  But when Joyful Partnerships are formed, they share wonderful characteristics that edify:

FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Joyful Partnerships are "lifers" and are into the friendship for the long-term.

FRIENDS WHO BUILD: Joyful Partners build together.  This is an endless source of joy and creativity in the Holy Spirit together.

NEW WORSHIP FRIENDS: Marvelous Comrades help you grow in your definition of worship and your calling, which is your form of worship before God.  

FRIENDS WHO LOVE: Joyful Friends do all for the sake of love.  They are motivated by Love of God and Love for His Kingdom to Come and change the earth, change others, change themselves!

FRIENDS OF HOPE & LIFE: Joyful Partners help us soar and fly!  We come alive in their presence. 


FRIENDS OF GLADNESS & JOY: Joyful Partners renew us because they have Joy in the Lord, and that Joy is their strength.  They even have a voice of joy, a voice of gladness we love to hear.  

PROPHETIC FRIENDS AND CALLERS: Joyful Partners pursue their destinies and bring out more of yours as you run together.  They know their identity in Christ and call to yours, speak it over you.

FRIENDS OF BENEVOLENCE & GENEROSITY: Marvelous Comrades help increase your prosperity.  They experience childlike giving and inspire productivity, creativity, wealth creation.  

LOYALTY, FAITHFULNESS & BELIEF: Joyful Friends may give their very lives for you!  They defend and protect when you need comfort and strength.

FRIENDS OF THE DAY: Joyful Partners lead you into discovering the God of All of Life, the God of the Day.  They see every activity as an invitation to encounter God.  You enjoy the day more because you see Him as He is. 

HEALTH FRIENDS: Marvelous Comrades lead you into discovering the One who refreshes and restores life.  They pull you back from things which take it.  

HOPE PRAYER FRIENDS: Marvelous Comrades pray the prayer of faith over you.  They know the God of Hope and get you back in touch with Him.  They never stop asking God the right questions, building worship, and plumbing the depths of the knowledge of God to minister to others better. 

GOVERNING FRIENDS: Joyful Partnerships fill the earth with partners in God's Glory, in the Marketplace, Education, Media, Family, Business, Church, and everywhere!  They are resource managers for questions or needs within the Body of Christ.  

VICTORY FRIENDS: Joy Partnerships help unfold the victorious majesty of God in all of life, and share in the celebration together. 


FRIENDS OF CONSTANT COMMUNION: Joyful Comrades have the answers in God for the challenges of life through constant communion.  

PASSIONATE FRIENDS: Joy Partners live with passion, network together, and bring out passion in the hearts of others.  

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Practical Application:

Pray to break the spirit of isolation, neglect, and disconnection in your life and among your community.  Pray that God would release the Spirit of love, joy, cooperation in your midst; that networks and people of Joyful Action would come together.  Pray for the blessing of long-term relationships to forge and come forth in your life, especially if your relationships have seemed short or broken.



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