Joy Over Cities & Nations Videos

Image by Alexandra Kirr

The Joy Room was the only room the Lord did not lead me into; Jesus was waiting at the door where He gave me the choice to enter and experience the God of Joy.

My breath was taken away when I shifted my focus from below the clouds up to His eyes. As I entered this room, the gift that was awaiting me was beyond description. The atmosphere was saturated with His joyful presence and it permeated every part of my being. Pain and challenge's vanished in the midst of His abundant joy and delight.

Jesus said: “I have made known to you the path of life. In my presence awaits the fullness of joy and eternal pleasures that will never run dry. This is the promise and the invitation I have given to you and to everyone, yet there are few who have understood the active role they play in accepting this invitation. Joy is a decision that must be made on a daily basis. It is the active turning of your attention from the circumstances to My face as the God of Joy, Who is above it all. In this room of the Yellow House I am going to give you your sense of humor back, and you will experience encounters of Joy that will forever change and equip you as a Hope Reformer.”