Jesus helps us by revealing our fissures that become our fractures. I once had a visitation where there were fifty million people in a banqueting hall.  They all had fissures--little cracks. They were eating and feeding off the Knowledge of God when a lightning bolt came through and struck this big tent.  Any little crack in the people suddenly became a fracture.  Jesus said: “I have this under control. I have your identity. I know who you are.”
Fissures are places where He wants to oil our hearts, and we are enabled to receive His healing balm.  We enrich our sense of His goodness, kindness, and development.  As you enter the Yellow House, there are two places He wants you to go:

1.) Through the fissures and fractures that He wants to heal.
2.) Through the Faces of God that He wants to reveal to you.

God wants you to know His different Faces, so that every room in the house is a pilgrimage to the nearness of God. No matter what your circumstances are, if seen rightly,  they are still an on-ramp to the nearness of God.  We must run towards our obstacles in life versus dread them.  We must see the obstacles as opportunities to encounter another Face of God.

What a wondrous invitation and gift! The issues and circumstances are not the main attraction; OUR GOD IS THE MAIN ATTRACTION!  It's all about what He wants to do in our lives, and who He wants to be to us!

Sitting on Park Bench
As we go on this journey into the Yellow House, Jesus sits us down on a park bench, and He starts to identify the fissures, and how He will heal them. He starts by oiling our feet in His Rest as He strengthens us.
Psalms 131: We lay our head on His chest and trust Him as we go through the Yellow House. We do not move from that posture of trusting Him throughout all the process of our journey.

This the kind of rest where we take the oars out of the water. We quit battling, and we give Him the challenges and circumstances. We rest in Him.  We trust Him that He is bigger than the storms. This is true rest.

Jesus gives us receptivity to receive what He has to share with us in the Yellow House.  It is like neon lights. It is the most important reality of our lives.

Changing the Channel
There are so many things that can distract, so Jesus changes the channel from the channel of man and confusion, to the channel of being able to hear and receive through grace-filled ears.

Seeing Eye Glasses
He gives us new seeing eye glasses to behold the Faces of God. They are blue for revelation. These sunglasses let us see God's radiance as we go through the Yellow House and beyond.

Hearing Aids
There are hearing aids that are beautiful and different colors. Jesus puts them on our ears, and we are able to take the antiquated hearing aids off.  We will hear through a filter of the Nature of God, and the different aspects of Him that the colors represent. He is getting us tooled up as we enter into the Yellow House.

Relationships & Leaning on One Another
We have relationships so we can lean on one another. We have tried to move forward by ourselves, but we can't. We need to lean on one another, and to go through the Yellow House journey together.

We are to bear each other’s burdens and be there for one another as we go through this journey of building and enter into corporate reformation (Gal. 6:6).  Remember the banqueting hall?  God desires fifty million Hope Reformers to be launched forth from the exit of their Yellow House journey!

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