A Contract to Forgive

Image by Van Tay Media

‘For-Giving' People Value:

I had a vision where God told me: “You need to understand a few things about love and forgiveness. It has never been defined properly. Number one, the definition you have known for forgiveness is letting people go. It is letting people go of their debts toward you. Forgive.  Break down that word. You are “for” somebody, and you are “giving” them something. It is “for-giving” them value." 

"It is appreciation. Not just letting them go and they are a non-entity to you anymore. That is called apathy. Apathy is having no regard for them after that. No, you are giving them something. What are you giving them? You are giving them value. Because they are a human being, they are worth it, because they are created in my image and likeness. First, you have to have the proper definition. Then, that releases that fiery hot love. The greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Who are the people that you have had to forgive? Who are those you've failed to appreciate?  At the end of this, we are going to make a contract together.”

Mark 11:25 Contract-

“And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you, your trespasses.”

Jesus wanted me to sign a contract to forgive and push into appreciation for them. He would give me a number of scriptures about forgiveness.

He said, "The best Leaders are transformed through forgiveness."  He showed me how leaders transformed themselves the number one way through forgiveness.  Those like David, Peter, Paul. He showed me people who were stuck ankle deep, waist deep in the mire and mud of unforgiveness. Their forgiveness had been targeted at the wrong places. Their deepest need in their own life was their need to be forgiven and to forgive, but they couldn’t open up their hearts for that to happen. David said, “Finally, when I opened up my heart, You healed me and made me perfect. You got the unforgiveness out. You made me white as snow” (2 Sam. 22:25-35).


Forgiveness was able to heal David’s heart. When he held onto it, it became rottenness in his bones.

"Until You have to Do It"
Then Jesus said, “Forgiveness is wondrous, beautiful, brimming with love, joy, and hope until you have to do it!"  


Then, it’s hard as heck. Go easy on yourself with forgiveness. It is a constant process.  I had thought it was one and done. Didn't God really forgive my sins just one time and then it was done?  Jesus told me, "Ephraim was my dear son, but I got angry with him often. I had to continually keep forgiving.”


"Is Ephraim My dear son? Is he a pleasant child? For though I spoke against him, I earnestly remember him still;

Therefore My heart yearns for him; I will surely have mercy on him, says the Lord.”

– Jeremiah 31:20

Sometimes you forgive once and it is done. You can let them go and appreciate them. There is no gall of bitterness. All you want is their best.  But there are other situations where God knows it is a process.  Things have to change in you. He knows it is touching a bigger cord. There are roots in me that will have to change for me to fully engage in that person.

Jesus said,  “First you need vertical forgiveness. Forgive Me.” He said, “You have to forgive Me because you blame Me for the way you were made.” There were things I did not like about myself. I’ve been impatient with people and harsh. I never had anger or rage until I did. I got self focused. I said, “Why did You make me this way?” I thought I would have had more character and ability to deal with these things differently." 


But God forgave me for my lack of trust that He made me rightly and He could see me through this. He is pointing at me. He was pointing at what He wants to take me deep in. Forgiving my lack of trust.  

He wanted to forgive me through community.  He tole me I would be forgiven through teh community of believers.  I would forgive myself, my own sins, the church.  He wanted me to know I would be forgiven through community like Acts 9:26-38. That’s where they reinstate John Mark. It was through the community of believers. He had denied the Lord three times but they reinstated him. They forgave him and brought him back in. Barnabas fought for him the whole way.

Ask yourself: “What do you have to forgive? The benefit is that you will receive the greatest Weapon of Hope & Wisdom. The Wisdom of Forgiveness is having an unencumbered heart!