Christ in the Day, Part 2

Loving the Man Christ Jesus in Everyday Life (Part 2)

What do you need to know about Constant Communion in everyday life?  First, you must know that Constant Communion is Hard Work & Takes Our Whole Focus. (It Is Not Easy. We must commit ourselves). We must be Son’s of Jacob to get our inheritance in Him (Matthew parable of the ‘great treasure’).

Biblical Premise
Prov. 25:2 – Glory of King to search a matter out…Happens as you seek His face.
Psalm 27:4 – One desire.  All others must be laid aside.  I’ve decided and I’m not looking back!
MT 13:45-46 – Salvation is a free gift. The “Pearl of great price” (friendship): We must search and give up all.
SOS 1:8/ 3:2 – This where Jesus can be found… you must search!!!
When you have a daily focused effort, to find where God is, you become expectant and you discover Him, You experience Him when you have an expanded view of God. Constant Communion is hard work, but it is enjoyable work, It is Graced Journey that is full of Joy!

Examples of missing the “True” Focus:
Luke 19:41-44 – Jerusalem did not recognize day of visitation because of lack of searching and investigative heart…
Gen 28:16 – Bethel- not sharp in the search. God in this place & I didn’t know it!
Revelations 2:1-7 – Ephesus Church – You do not love me like you did at first.

Curveballs are difficult circumstances that seem to contradict the promises. Yes, you will get curveballs in everyday life. In order to be able to handle the “Curve ball Principle” properly is of utmost importance that we choose to find and discover Christ through Constant Communion. The right question that leads us to finding Christ in all things through Constant Communion is NOT; Who I am? Or What I do? or What am I called too?  The right question is Where God is for me? (John 1:38-42).  Do not let it become a question of His Love for you or of your failure.  This leads to turmoil!

Matthew 11 – No offense. Wisdom vindicated by deeds.
John 1:38 Questions (All key, but emphasis) like Ruth for example had right question (see beyond God of the church) “where you go I go”.
James 4:8 – Draw near to God again
John 6:36 – See Him and Believe.
Psalm 92:1-2 – Covenant of love (some need to make this Covenant).

Biblical Premise
Apostle Paul – plants unbelievable churches and then all abandon him.
David – called to be a king and now flees into the wilderness -What a curveball!
Joseph – was given a promise and now is in a pit – what a curveball!

You receive the Reward of the Secret Bread – Matthew 6:6), your inheritance is His daily nearness – His Hand in your hand. Be good at receiving… – you’re rewarded with “Secret Bread”. There is an inheritance gained in the “Secret Bread” Principle in contending for Christ in the Day – His hand in your hand and His home inside of you. His Nearness in your deepest place . You are to be God’s ‘Secret Bread’ Discoverers. Desire to be able to drink a lot – like in Esther 2: 17-18 – and the King gave her a great banquet…

Biblical Premise
Missing the “Secret Bread” can cause you to be backslidden in your 50’s or before.
Jeremiah 23:18 – Didn’t sit in the counsel of the Lord.
MT 6:6 seek contend for him in the secret areas…work, etc.


Where no one does or expects Him to be and you will find Him and be rewarded with Him.  Develop this 5-10-15-20 years…Wow!  The beauty of where you’ll be!  You will be rewarded with John 3:29:  His Voice, Heart and Nearness…this is God’s dream for you (unbelievable!). The Knowledge of God! 
All you need is the awareness that He’s with you in it all!

You will be a Carrier of Peace, Bringer of Love,
You will have Delight, Delectable feelings, Divine thoughts – Honey within transformed life,
You will be a Carrier of God's Presence, a Transformed Forerunner,  and a Carrier of Joy & His Presence, your very presence will cause others to long for Jesus and experience Him in themselves.

Biblical Examples
Daniel 6:3 excellent spirit
Daniel 6:10  – Prayed 3 times a day
I Samuel 17 – David – Passion reflected and burning in focused love when he fought Goliath.
Exodus – Moses shines in the presence of God and the people followed.
Joshua 1:6-9  – be strong and courageous
Samuel none of His words fail/ the prophetic comes forth…names/places…
SOS 1:3  – Aroma of Him
Mark 14:23  – Mary of Bethany…those who smell like Him

I choose to walk out constant communion in all of life & to remind and reveal to other’s the Presence of God in all things.  I am committed to spend my life searching out God in all way’s, everyday…
I will discover that this glorious search will be worth the agony, sweat, perplexity, pain that this course can cause.

My choice to be a “Pioneer in Practical Intimacy” is choosing to walk a less traveled path… The path is overlaid with brush, thorns and obstacles… but it’s well worth the “Secret Bread” that I will discover as I commit to the challenge of walking out this Journey…

The results will be monumental in me and for others, but most of all for His Name…
I am committed in this pursuit, to find my “Voice of Love, and my Unique Song of Daily Love to God!