Beholding God & Listening to His Heart

Picture yourself before God's Throne. You are arm in arm with Jesus, looking into His Eyes.  Carry Jesus in your heart and be mesmerized!  He is more beautiful than you could ever imagine! Everything is going to change!  Everything is going to be different! –Isaiah 62

It is time to take our place in God’s Compassion Army as “Carriers of His Heart."  We do by agreeing with this commission, and proclaiming our place as adoptees into God's family who will also adopt others.  We are making a commitment together to spend our lives as carriers of the true heart of God--not what we have heard He is, not what doctrine has told us He does, but His perspective and wisdom that He gives us from meeting with us!  And walking with us!  And our listening to Him as He brings forth the good treasures out of His heart!


It will be worth all the sacrifice, agony, sweat, perplexities and challenges that this journey through the Yellow House can bring.  We must abandoned the lesser things!

We decree that to draw back is to give into fear. Loving God and others is the opposite of fear and giving up.  If we live with fear, then misery will become our friend and our hearts will lose their way.  The fact is, there is a far worse reality here than losing our lives. It is keeping it, while living without a true purpose in love where God loses our love.

Being part of God’s Compassion Army is for those, by God’s grace, who can believe, for those who can fight and for those who can endure.  As we walk in it, we will find that being ones who walked this way might be “walking the road less traveled”, but is worth the secret bread that will only be discovered and eaten of as we commit ourselves to the challenge of walking out this life as Carriers of God’s heart.

His dreams will unfold before us and will cause us to taste of an incredible, glorious life filled with the immortal value of celebrating His heart.  This is the most glorious way to live!

Pursuing riches of the earth may lead us to be clothed in splendid garments, have wonderful palaces and grand world entertainments. But in the end, it will leave us with nothing but an empty existence.  We will be filled with empty and hollow defeat and lose love if we follow the world’s ways.

Our hearts were made to be filled with the fullness and richness of God’s love and no lesser love will do!
We cannot find our dream outside of God’s dream for us!  Thus, we choose together to be commissioned to be part of God’s Compassion Army and to be Carriers of God’s Heart.  We commit to knowing Him, knowing what He wants to see, what He wants to do--and seeing, speaking, and doing what He does.  

“Spirit of revelation – open up Your beauty, Your loving heart and face! It’s time to look on Your face!  It’s time for us to go to a much better place; peering into Your beauty in all of life!” -Ephesians 1:17

Christ, who is in all! Release us from false perceptions and limitation of You!  Let us see You and Your endless attributes…the diverse faces of you!  Let the fullness of You be released!  You are more than enough!  We must have the wonders of You in all of our lives! -1 Corinthians 15:28

We ask for the ‘Spirit of Prophesy’ which opens up the testimony of Jesus – who You are! You are causing us to have a desperate hunger to marvel and wow at You in everyday life! -Revelation 19:10

“We must have spiritual thoughts, feelings and words in all of life about You! Release the deep feelings and forgotten thoughts and faces of You!  Show us Your face in all arenas of life!” -1 Corinthians 2:10

We ask You to release the mystery of Jesus Christ, who is our life! Show Yourself in all of life!  Open up the man Christ Jesus to us and let us see Your forgotten faces in all of life!  You are not a far off God in all of our day to day journeys!  You are a living and vibrant God!  Release awareness of Your nearness so that we might marvel at You in all of life! -Colossians 3:4