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Belly Laughing and Dancing on Problems

When my little daughter Taylor was in second grade, she had the most beautiful little round face.  But some girls at school were making fun of her.  One day I said, “How are you doing, Taylor?” She said, “Good, good.” But I could tell that her usual buoyant spirit was gone. I said, “Taylor, how are you doing, really?” She laid her head on my shoulder and started to cry. She said, “Dad, they’re calling me fat! Two girls chased me around and called me fat.” I said, “Taylor, what are you going to do? Do you want to pray?” She said, “I am just going to talk to Jesus.”


I wanted to just jump in and go confront a couple of second grade girls, but that was not appropriate! I could tell she was getting something from the Lord, though.  Eventually she came down to the dinner table and announced, “If they do that again, this is what I am going to do...” She laid down on the floor and started laughing.  Deep laughing, from the belly.  We all started belly laughing on the floor with her. 


Then she said, “Dad, what did you tell us when there is a problem we can’t solve or somebody says something that hurts us?” I said, “You tell me, Taylor.” She said, “You told us to move the furniture out of the front room and to dance on our problems, and celebrate who we are.  You said to celebrate God and not worry or get wound up, but to remember who we are.  And return to joy.” I said, “Let’s do it.” We moved the furniture out, and we danced that night. Taylor said after that, “Well, maybe someone has hurt them along the way. Maybe I just need to love them.” I thought - "Man..."  She got something really deep.