Aunt May


I have a living hope that my children understand how much I love them today. When I was young, Aunt May had a living hope for me and she wouldn’t accept defeat.  She embodied Hope Prayer.  She wouldn’t accept despairing Christianity.  She decided that Bobby was going to be off drugs and that he was going to be quite a man. 

Because she prayed, He changed a number of hearts that were really tormented in Melbourne, Australia. 

One time we were going to minister at her church and I told my friend, “We are going to meet Aunt May. She prayed them all in.” 

When we get there, there are about 500 young people and young couples.  I saw no one older, but at the end I said, “Is Aunt May here?”  The crowd parts and I see this woman about 80 years old with big thick 

glasses and I say to her, “We are all here because of you.”


Honoring her they saw the real weight to her prayer... She was shocked and awed that God called her out, speaking about the power of her prayer and the difference her prayer had made.  I had called her "Camel Knees" because she proclaimed so much hope for me. 


She had had a Hope transformation herself, going from a scared old woman who didn't get out much, though she was very secure in His love, to confidently moving out into the day.  She had gotten a job at Russell Stover's and impacted city leaders.  She moved into a living hope for the day.  Her hope in life had been salt... and changed the flavor of the earth!  So that was the graduation for HOPE IN PRAYER. 

1 Thess. 5:17- “pray continually, “ 

 Isaiah 62:1- “For Zion's sake I will not keep silent...” 


Mark 11:24- “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them,

and they will be granted you.” 

Luke 11:10- “For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who 

knocks, it will be opened. 



Later on, I had an encounter with the Lord through a series of dreams invoked Aunt May.  This 

encounter was about the Houses of Prayer across the earth and “the watchmen who cry out day 

and night” of Isaiah 62:6 who are intercessors for the Lord. 

The encounter began with an angelic narrator, who explained to me that one of the reasons we 

are seeing miracles opening up all over the earth was because of the “Aunt Mays.”  My Aunt May 

prayed me through my teenage drug years into a personal and deep love relationship with Christ. 

She was an 85-year old woman who most would consider insignificant and appeared to have 

weak prayers, but the Lord said because of her prayers, and through the other “Aunt Mays,” 

across the world, the power of God was and is coming to the earth. The impact of this revelation brought 

me to tears. 

Then the Narrator went on to say that it is not only the “Aunt Mays” we are to thank for the 

increasing move of God in the earth, but also the houses of prayer all over the world. We know 

that no one is to personally take any credit for God’s move, but the angelic narrator repeatedly 

declared the Houses of Prayer across the nations were the reason. 


The narrator reminded me that there were many leaders in the body of Christ, even friends that I 

knew, that did not understand the value of the houses of prayer. The narrator shouted to me and 

through me, “LEAVE HER ALONE!” He was jealous for their ministry to go forth and for other 

to not in any way hinder her work.


What the leaders did not yet see was that she was doing a great thing, as in Luke 10:38-42, where Jesus told the disciples to leave Mary alone, sitting at His feet, listening and responding to His heart. The same is true for the Houses of Prayer. 


The narrator wanted the watchmen to know that this move of God was a result of their prayers. 

He said that the watchmen across the earth in and out of the houses of prayer needed to know 

that God was answering their prayers so that they could continue to pray with confidence. This 

revelation was so powerful for them! The watchmen would be greatly encouraged to not leave 

their posts when they knew they were getting answered in such outstanding ways. They were 

never to forget that the miracles of healing and faith across the earth were a direct result of their 


The narrator was calling the watchmen to do three things; they needed to stay in the place of 

confident prayer; they needed stay in the place of love and hopefulness in their prayers and then, 

when answers came, they needed to acknowledge the Lord and thank Him for His goodness.