God our Hope, 

who gives us hope on earth

Image by Ben White

God's Temporal Hopes bring Hope for our lives spent here on the earth: 

Hope in the Land of the Living

Hope in People,

Hope in our Calling,

Hope for Miracles

Hope in the Land of the Living  (Psalm 27:13)
Our God, Who gives us “Ahead-of-Time” Miracles (John 5:20)
Hope for the Day
Hope for New Lands
Our God, Who expands our territory and gives us Hope for the Promises of our Land to come forth


Hope for People (Is 61)
Our God of Benevolence, Who supplies every body, soul and spirit need and the ability to create wealth
Hope to Love Cities and Nations
Our God of Love, who softens stony hearts to increase our love to see the broken with less judgment and more compassion.
Our God of Hope, the King Who gives us Hope for every City, Nation, Tribe and People.
Hope for our Families

Our God of Inheritance, the Future, and for the Generations to come!
We will see our children as a blessing and a reward. God gives them the grace to become Issachars to carry a great lineage for the Kingdom of God, that surpasses the former generation (Jer 22)
Our God, Who restores the Foundations (Eph 3: 14-16, Mal 4:6, Is 58)

Hope in Our Calling
Our God, Who give us personal Hope for our true Identity and our Redemption. He gives us Hope in our calling. We are His tender shoots whom He will not break! (Eph 1:18, Ps 130, Mt 12:20)

Hope for Fulfillment

Our God, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Who gives us Hope for the fulfillment of all His Promises, to be more than satisfied with our Life. Not even one of His Promises ever fail us. ( 1 Tim 4:6, Phil 1:6, Joshua 21:45)Our God, Who gives us the Hope perspective that is full of life (Heb 11:10)

Hope to Hear You

Our God, Who shouts (John 14:10, Heb 3:7, Jer 33:3)

Hope to Build with God

​Our God, Who gives us Hope to build with You, The Builder of All Things (Heb 3:4)Our God, Who gives us Hope to partner & build, our God Who is near and gives us Hope for the best friendship in Him. The veil has been rent!

Hope for Miracles
Our God, Who created us and gives us hope for miracles. (John 14:12, Luke 1:37)

Hope for Revival, Encounters, and Visitations
Our God, Who visits His people. (Hab 2:14, Mal 3:1, Hos 6:3)
Our God, Who dwells with us. He gives us Hope for Encounters with Him and for His Glory to manifest in our Life. ( 2 Cor 3:18, Ex 33:18)

Hope for Divine Health
Our God of Life, Who gives us Hope to prosper and to be blessed by good health. (Ps 103, 3 John 1:2)

Hope for Freedom from Disturbing EmotionsOur God of Peace, Who gives us delectable emotions (Ps 23:3, Phil 4:8, Ps 42)

Hope for Protection

Our God, Who is our Shield, He secures us in the Hope for His Protection (Ps 91, Ps 27:1-6)

Hope in Prayer

Jesus, our God, Who hears, answers and partners with us in hope-filled prayers. He  fills our prayers with His Wisdom. (Matthew 7:7, James 1:5)