Our God of Reconciliatory Hope!  He is the God who recovers ALL for us!

We worship Him.
We adore the Face of our God of Reconciliatory Hope.
We encounter and experience Him.
We are changed forever!

The Reconciliatory “Hopes” of God
God has a new ingredient and tool, a new flavor of Hope that He wants to release to the Body of Christ. And It’s called Reconciliatory Hope.  Reconciliatory Hope is a Hope that Reconciles.

It fights for reconciliation and peace for all men.
It builds on the basis of who people are versus who they are not. 
It has appreciation and regard for other human beings.

Through this Reconciliatory Hope;
We reconcile with how important a person is to this next step in the journey.

We receive Reconciliatory Hope through the understanding of the value and need we have for one another.

We obtain Hope and Confidence in the goodness of who a person is and the value that they bring to the table.

Our eyes are opened, and we see the treasure in one another and for us to be at ease in building forward.
People can be alone, isolated, and have their own sense of individuality that pushes others away.
People are to be celebrated in their own respected joyful communities.

Christians are called to be Hope Reformers, bringing forth the value of others.
All we have to do is put ‘language' to it, that helps draw hope out.  The best part of the people will come forth. 

People find their instrument and place in the “Symphony” of Hope.

It is not just reconciliation that means forgiveness, but it is hope.  We have hope and confidence in the goodness of who a person is and the value that they have.  Forgiveness happens, but, not only forgiveness, but we start to see the importance of people and knowing that we need them in the future.

Jesus forgave and hoped in people on the Cross.  He wasn’t just going to forgive them to give them free access to God, but He knew they’re all going to need each other.  They are to be partners with God.  He had hope in them.  He wanted to see them rightly in their positions.

He needed to forgive them because they are the ones that He needed to build out His kingdom.
If He hadn’t shown people hope in who they were, they’d never be able to step into their God-ordained destinies.

Just one person with Reconciliatory Hope can bring people together.
The tribes would come together not only to love and to celebrate, but in purpose and to celebrate.
When people get discontent with one another and frustrated, God wants to bring them into this connectedness where they complete one another, where different ones will be able to sit at the table and bring out the beauty of one another.

There’s a confidence in God and a sense of a confidence in people to move forward versus feelings of reactivity, negativity, passiveness, fear, and doubt.

Reconciliatory Hope is a Bridge.  There might be some people who are discontent towards some group and have some discomfort that need to be healed and updated.

There may be some who have no regard – they never saw the value of people – but through reconciliatory hope, their eyes would be opened.

God is challenging us not to move out of reaction but to move out of revelation.
There’s a revelation to see what He’s done.
There’s a spirit of thankfulness that will release us into this Reconciliatory Hope.