God of the Trump Card 

It’s easy to have Courage to pursue your dreams  when you magnify the God of the Trump Card, Who always Triumphs in Hope! In the Courage Room we encounter Our God Who is a decisive and overriding factor.  This gives us the Courage to Hope!


O Lord, thank you for shifting the atmosphere and activating Your Angels  .  .  .  .

 Oh Lord! You trump all of nature and the natural order.
You were born of a virgin,
You multiplied food,
You put a gold coin in a fish’s mouth,
You silenced the storm and made the sun stand still!
You trumped the barren womb for Sarah and Hannah,
You trumped the hungry lions for Daniel,
You trumped the fiery flames for Shadrach and his friends,
You trump our fears and make us courageous like Gideon!
You trumped the giants for David and Joshua,
You trump our weaknesses and make us strong.

You are the God of the impossible!
Only in Hope can the Spirit reveal to us those things that we cannot even think or imagine.
The Bible says nine times: “All things are possible” and “Nothing is impossible” for You!”