Hopeful Questions

Cute Notebooks

We are invited to sit at this table of the Lord and listen to His heart. He says, “Ask Me this.” There are questions for all of us. He has questions for us that are focused entirely on moving us from hopelessness to hope, setting that pillar where distance is gone, fear is gone, nearness is actualized, rejection is gone, love is perceived.

How do I sit at this table with You? How do I honor you? How do I value You?
What would You have me ask of You? 
How do I sit at this table with You uniquely in this hour in the appropriate way to honor You and value You? How do I sit at this table and allow You to honor me? 
How will You sit at this table and honor me? Have I come to this table and have I come appropriately? 
What do You want to show me about Your heart?
 What will You entrust me with about Your feelings?
What do I mean to Your heart? 
How special am I to You?
How much do You value me and Your likeness that’s in me?
How can I be a perfect reflection of You?
How much am I blessing Your heart being a friend to You?
How great are You to me? 
Are You really for me in all these situations? 
Have I underestimated You? 
Are You the Builder God?
Can You really build a plan of success for my life?
Are You the Redeemer God, the Redeemer of my heart, my past, present, future? 
Are You the Redeemer of my supply? 
How have You been there at all times?

What are my motives in seeking You? Is it about me? Is it about You? 
Where are You now?